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Men’s Pick up Basketball and fellowship will be held in the Gym at 1111 Preakness Ave Wayne.
Open to all men that attend CTI or have ever attended any Armor Bearers Men’s Events.

The purpose of this scheduled time is to strengthen our Physical bodies and to strengthen our relationships with Christian Men.
Games will be ½ Court or Full Court when attendance permits. Guests are permitted.

- Participants agree to abide by the following guidelines:
- Entry and Exit To the Building will be by using the Door to the Far right of the Building (Offices)
- Time of arrival should be no sooner than 7:35 pm and Entry to the Gym will be no sooner than 7:40pm
- Participants shall not: roam through the Building at anytime and shall use bathrooms designated.
- This is a Christian run event and participants agree to conduct themselves accordingly, Abusive or foul language will not be appropriate or acceptable behavior.
- Good sportsmanship will be expected, overly aggressive play (pushing and Shoving) will not be acceptable.
- Amount of play - Players agree to rotate based on the number of players and follow rules established by persons in charge for evening regarding “Boundaries, Scoring, Length of -
Games and Player Rotation.”
- Guests- Registered players may bring a Guest and will be responsible for their Behavior and compliance.
- Starting time: 7:40 to 7:55pm will be used for stretching, Practice shots etc.
- At approx.7:55 - 8pm Announcements and review of House rules and then Game play will begin.
- A brief devotional will occur in the 8:55 to 9:05pm period and participants will be expected to give attention and courtesy during the devotional time.

No Games Scheduled for Last week in March. (March 27th and March 29th)
In the event of other cancellations due to weather or other issues please check the CTI-Armor Bearers Website: or call Frank at: 973-650-0149.

All Participants must agree to these guidelines in order to participate in this program.
Those that fail to follow the guidelines will be asked to leave and shall not be permitted to return until such time the matter is resolved.
By entering your name in the signature field, you are authorizing your digital signature and agree to follow these guidelines.

Registration Fee: $10/Person
Tuesdays & Thursdays: Feb 20th through April 26th 
Time: 7:45 to 10pm